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How Often and When Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Do I need to clean the air ducts of my home’s HVAC system? Is cleaning really needed and even worth it? These are some common questions which homeowners often come up with whenever they think of duct cleaning services.

Any Top air duct cleaning service in Toronto professional mentions that it is very important to clean the air ducts from time to time. Scheduled cleaning and maintenance can prove to be highly beneficial, in terms of improved performance, lower electricity bill and so on.

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Getting Air Ducts Cleaned

It is said that the air ducts of the HVAC system needs to be cleaned every one to two years. However, frequent cleaning might be needed. For instance, if one sees that there is too much accumulation of dust on the ducts, it should be cleaned immediately. How do you understand that your air ducts need to be cleaned?  Well, you will have to look out for certain signs.

High Energy Bills

If you witness that the electricity bill is soaring high, even if you are not using it regularly, it can be because of some problem with the air ducts. The clogged ducts need to work more for circulating air.

Insect Infestation

 Any air duct cleaning service in Toronto professional mentions that as soon as one notices the signs of any insects living with the ducts, it should be cleaned immediately. Droppings of the insects can damage the system and the air circulated would be highly infectious.

Dirt and Debris

If you notice dirt and debris accumulating around the vents, it’s high time that you should get your air ducts cleaned. Professional cleaners would remove the debris from the ducts with the help of professional tools. Once they are removed, harmful contaminates won’t get circulated in the air.


Respiratory Problem

If people witnesses problem in breathing or their respiratory problem sudden increases, then it can clearly indicates that the ducts should be cleaned. Even if one develops problem like asthma or sinus, then one should get their air ducts checked.

Mold Growth

 Duct cleaning Toronto professionals mention that if mold growth is present then health issues can be easily avoided. Growth of mold can cause problems like eye irritation or throat irritation and even chronic lung disease.

How Often The Ducts Should Be Cleaned?

 The air ducts are bound to collect debris whenever it starts to operate. Professionals will inspect the air ducts and might change the air filters. Changing the filters would prevent the harmful particles from circulating.

Duct cleaning Toronto professionals mention that people who live around dusty places or construction sites should get their air ducts cleaned after every six months. However, the filter needs to be exchanged every one-two year. In case one has not cleaned the air ducts for years, it is high time that the ducts require cleaning.

Ideal Time

The ideal time to clean the air ducts is when is not using the HVAC system too often i.e., during fall or spring. During that time duct cleaning companies can clean or even replace the worn out parts.

For cleaning your air ducts, get in touch with air duct cleaning service in Toronto professional today. They would provide best cleaning services.