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6 Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love to Own in 2019

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. Whether you love to cook, or not, no home can survive without pantries. Moreover, kitchens that are renovated and progressive also contribute to improving a home’s retail value. So, if you’ve recently planned on a kitchen renovation in Canada then apart from the layout, coloring, and design you also need counsel on picking Vaughan kitchen cabinets.

Thankfully, this article will provide just that, and give you an idea of the best kitchen cabinet types to own in 2019.

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  1. Louvered

If you do not have a budget constraint and want to imbibe aesthetics then go for the louvered style for your Vaughan kitchen cabinets.  These come in the form of horizontal wooden slats and are ideal for kitchens that require ventilation.

The reason being these have spaces between each slat that present ample space for ventilation.

  1. Inset

Another popular kitchen cabinetry style is Inset. The inset cabinets have a special feature that allows an inside door to be placed within the cabinet doors. The craftsmanship here requires special skills to ensure that the door is built and fitted with special measurements to avoid it from sticking out.

Now, these might cost you but investing in inset Vaughan kitchen cabinets will firstly offer you an exceptional classic look, along with longevity.

[Note: Inset styled cabinets mostly require exposed hinges unlike the conventional hinges that generic cabinets showcase. This might also, add on to the cabinet cost, as often you require purchasing two of these exposed hinges.]

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  1. Shaker

The most common type of kitchen cabinets available almost everywhere is the shaker style. This one is generally less pricey and features five pieces of flat panel; four panels now fall in sequence while the fifth piece stands out as the central panel. Now, some of the noted features of Shaker cabinets include:

  • Flat paneled doors with rail frames.
  • Utilitarian designs
  • Sturdy wood constructions
  • Made from cherry, maple, oak, and hickory


  1. Distressed

If you are planning an antique kitchen design, then opt for a distressed cabinetry style for your Vaughan kitchen cabinets. This one provides the option of door customization along with rubbed off corners and other distressing options to elucidate and old feel.

  1. Custom

If you’ve hired a kitchen planning designer and is giving your kitchen an edgy and contemporary makeover then you can go for custom cabinets. You can take the assistance of your designer and even include your own styles for designing your custom kitchen cabinets.

These, when fitted, will beautifully complement your new home and kitchen and make it look avant-garde.

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  1. Thermofoil

In case you have a budget constraint when dealing with kitchen cabinetry, go for Thermofoil styled cabinets. These are made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and mimic the reflection of wood.

This MDF is made by coating a plastic layer over it and baking it under heat. These MDF cabinets are moisture resistant, low maintenance and entire cost effective.

So, now that you know of the 6 styles in kitchen cabinetry, pick the one that fits the requirements of your Vaughan kitchen cabinets. Good Luck! Read more about home improvement tips here!